One Body. On Mission. Experiencing God.

Pastor Roger was called to the Tenderloin Community in 1984. Fast forward to today, and work has led to growth of a community outreach center.  However, the church is still vibrant and filled with passion. Currently, we have an influx of young and passionate people attending our Sunday services. We are a body of believers of the Word of God who worship within the community in which we serve. We are old and young | rich and poor | black and white. We represent the kingdom of God here on earth.

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute to Christ-centered spiritual transformation in the city of San Francisco beginning with the Tenderloin district by worshipping with the community that we serve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise up a generation who knows God by His Word and to be the light for the City of San Francisco.

Our Pastors

Senior Pastor

  • Pastor Roger Huang + Pastor Maite Huang

church Advisory committee

  • Pastor Roger Huang, Pastor Maite Huang, Pastor Ralph Gella, Aly Cottrell, Alex Quock, Pastor Ryan Hsu + Pastor Chris Nye

Church Leaders


  • Aly Cottrell

Worship Leader

  • Alex Quock


  • Lisa Dieker, Jared Gella + Bethany Gella